Foundation Skills

Customer Service Excellence

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Overview (PDF)

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Learning Outcomes

Know what service principles and standards are
Knowing and understanding customers
Know how to prepare for their performance
Know what their strengths are and how to adjust them
Know which tools to use during the Moment of Truth
Know how to deal with difficult situations and identify and solve problems relating to customers
Know how to work effectively with others so that customer satisfaction is maintained and enhanced
Know how to interact with customers, serve with confidence and provide WOW experiences


The goal of a successful company is to have customer service that is not just the best, but legendary. This programme will equip learners with the necessary tools, techniques and skills to effectively deliver consistent, memorable, quality Customer experiences that fulfil your Company’s Brand. NQF Level 4


1. Introduction
The Importance of Good Customer Service
What does delivering Consistent, Memorable, Quality Customer Service mean?
Defining Successful Service Outcomes
The Service Experience
Whose Job is it to Deliver Excellent Customer Service
2. Service Excellence Principles
3. Knowing and Understanding your Customers
Needs and Wants
4. Preparing for Your Performance
Your Role / Part
Defining the Customer Experience
Non-Verbal Communication (body language)
Verbal – What We Say and How We Say It
Telephone Etiquette
Evaluating and Using Customer Service Feedback
5. Building Confidence to Serve
Task + Context
Purpose and Function
6. Interaction and Communication Styles
7. Dealing with Challenging Situations
Respect your Customers’ Rights
How to Identify Warning Signs for Potentially Difficult Situations
How to Handle Difficult Situations and Deal Effectively with Complaints
Solving Customer Problems Successfully
Conflict Management
Service Recovery
8. Internal Customers
Identifying Internal Customers and Measuring their Satisfaction
Service Principles
Internal Customer Satisfaction Process
9. Closing
What is a Touch Point
What is a Moment of Truth
Becoming a Star Ambassador
Using what you have Learned to Deliver WOW Service Experiences