Foundation Skills

Time Management

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Overview (PDF)

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Learning Outcomes

Identify the time thieves that drain away priceless hours from your day and negatively influence your performance
Schedule priorities based on importance to achieve better results
Set up a system to keep track of everything that needs to be done and never miss another deadline
Maintain a healthy work-life balance


This programme shows you how to prioritise workload and cope with other people’s demands and contains practical techniques to use when organising your time. Power tips help you handle real-life situations and develop first-class time management skills that will dramatically improve efficiency and results. NQF Level 5


1. Analysing Your Use of Time
Assessing your day
Assessing your ability
Identifying and minimising your time wasters
2. Techniques to Manage your Time at Work Effectively
Planning your work day
Handling paperwork
Filing paperwork
Using email effectively
Dealing with the telephone
Clearing your office
Getting cooperation from other departments
Saying no
Preventing interruptions
Using waiting time effectively
Stop procrastinating
Managing your manager
3. Techniques to Manage your Time at Home Effectively
Personal time survey
Involving the family in household chores
Avoiding morning chaos
Avoiding evening chaos
4. How to Manage your Work-Life Balance
The wheel of life