Management Skills

Performance Management

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Overview (PDF)

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Learning Outcomes

Identify key behaviours required in performance planning by recognising how to commit and promote ongoing performance management, rather than simply the performance review
Spot the warning signs of poor performance and take pre-emptive action
Understand motivation in the workplace and how to achieve the most from your employees
Determine the best method to reward good performance, both financially and non-financially
Ensure that all team members understand and commit to their goals, and are clear about how their progress will be measured
Provide effective coaching and deliver constructive feedback
Effectively prepare for the performance review
Provide timely, effective actual reviews, practicing the ‘art of no surprises’


The aim of this programme is to ensure organisational performance is achieved and business goals are being met through individual performance management. NQF Level 4


The Basics
What is Performance Management?
How does Performance Management Work?
Three Phase Process
Performance Reviews
Establishing Performance Goals
Strategic Planning
Job Analysis
SMART Goal Setting
Monitoring Results
360 Degree Feedback
What is 360 Degree Feedback vs Traditional Performance Reviews?
Competency Assessments
Competency Assessment Defined
Developing Competency Assessments
Kolb’s Learning Cycle
Key Factors
The Motivation Organisation
Identifying Personal Motivators
Evaluating and Adapting
The Performance Journal
Recording Goals and Accomplishments (‘Brag-Book’ Concept)
Linking with your Employees / Managers
Performance Coaching
Keeping Track
Creating a Performance Plan
Goal Setting
Establishing Desired Results
Measuring Actual Performance against Desired Standards