Foundation Skills

Diversity Awareness

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Overview (PDF)

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Learning Outcomes

Increase awareness of the various dimensions of diversity
Examine own cultural identity and how that identity affects relationships with others
Become more aware of own attitude, perception and feelings about various aspects of diversity
Make a commitment to increase understanding of diversity issues


Diversity Awareness is vital due to the fact that it enhances relationships, both inside and outside of the organisation. NQF Level 4


Diversity Defined
What is Diversity?
Why do We Need to be concerned about Diversity?
Dimensions of Diversity
The Past / The Future
Culture Defined
What is Culture?
What if you Belonged to a Different Culture?
Where did we Receive our Cultural Programming?
Cultural Filters: “On Automatic”
Cultural Awareness
The African Culture
The Western Culture
The Indian Community
The Jewish Culture
The Asian Culture
Verbal and Non-Verbal Guidelines
Tips for Cross-Culture Communication
Showing Consideration
Gender Differences
Disability Etiquette
Developing Diversity Competence
Awareness, Knowledge, Skills, Action / Behaviour
Working Together Effectively Across Cultures
Making a Commitment to Diversity