Management Skills

Coaching and Mentoring

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Overview (PDF)

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Learning Outcomes

Understand how coaching and mentoring can be used to develop their team
Develop coaching and mentoring skills that help improve individual performance
Demonstrate the behaviours and practices of an effective coach/mentor
Choose appropriate coaching and mentoring methods when fostering professional development in others


Coaching and Mentoring are being seen as essential aspects of an effective organisational learning strategy and a popular capacity-building tool, especially in the area of leadership development. Coaching tends to be viewed as more task-oriented, skills-focused, directed and time-bound, whereas, Mentoring is more focused on open-ended personal development. Recently, however, there appears to be increasing convergence, making them less distinct in practice. This programme has been designed using data from extensive research of available material, examining the overall process, roles and skills involved in coaching and mentoring and aims to provide the learner with a good understanding of the journey. NQF Level 4


Module 1: The Concepts of Coaching & Mentoring
Why Coaching and Mentoring
Defining and Distinguishing Coaching and Mentoring
Benefits of Coaching and Mentoring
Principles of Coaching and Mentoring Practice
Module 2: Key Factors in Coaching & Mentoring
Individual Commitment and Interest
Resources and Organisational Support
Taking a Holistic, Personal Approach
Embedding the Process in the Organisational Context
Skills and Experience of Coaches and Mentors
Ability to Work Across Cultures
Important Qualities and Role of Potential Mentees
Talent Assessment
Matching Mentees with Mentors
Module 3: Developing your Skills as a Coach / Mentor
The Role of the Coach/Mentor
Skills of Coaches and Mentors
Coaching/Mentoring Self-Evaluation
How a Mentoring Relationship Work: Lifecycle Model
Helpful Techniques and Processes
Goal Setting
The Learning Process (Pre-Requisite for Learning, Adult Learning Principles)
Code of Practice
Troubleshooting Checklist
Marks of a Great Coach/Mentor
Module 4: Coaching/Mentoring Models and Tools
Performance Coaching/Mentoring: The GROW Model
The STEER Model
Solution-Focused Coaching/Mentoring: The OSKAR Model
Transformational Coaching/Mentoring
POSITIVE Coaching/Mentoring Model
GROW(ME) Model
De Bono’s Six Hats Exercise
Module 5: Implementing a Coaching/Mentoring Programme
Structured Programmes for Coaching and Mentoring
Conditions for Effective Programmes
Organisational Readiness Assessment
Coaching, Mentoring and Organisational Culture
Planning the Intervention (Needs Analysis and Business Case, Developing a Coaching and Mentoring Strategy, Developing a Coaching and Mentoring Capacity, Building Plan)