Professional Skills

Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection of High-Performance Employees

Quality hiring decisions build profitable and successful companies
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Overview (PDF)


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Learning Outcomes

The more skilled and confident you are at interviewing, the more likely you are to choose the right person in the first place


In the fiercely competitive climate of today, it is essential that every single employee can contribute fully from the start. NQF Level 5


Module 1: Developing Sharp Interviewing Skills
Practice and benefits of targeted interviewing and selection
Identifying technical skills and knowledge requirements of the job
Identifying the internal motivators and attitude requirements of the job
Identifying the personality or people skill requirements of the job
Develop an effective and quick pre-interview screening process
Design consistent pre-interview guidelines
What to do in the absence of formal position profiles
Case Study: McDonalds
Module 2: Legally Safe Interviewing and Hiring
The legal "do's & don'ts" of pre-employment testing
Legally safe interview questions
The legal status of "volunteered" information
Take and keep legally safe interviewing notes
Module 3: Conduct More Effective Interviews
Benefits of an effective interview
Establish a structured selection plan
Develop more successful interview questions
Design more effective situational and behavioural interviewing techniques and scenarios
Conducting a Structured Behavioural Interview
Establish a better and quicker rapport with the candidate
Improve listening skills and abilities
Handle problem interviewing situations
Remaining fair and objective
Module 4: Streamline the Process and Make Better Hiring Decisions
Conduct better reference checks
Checklist: Consistently select more competent employees
Reject applicants legally and safely
Employer branding during the selection process
Impact of interviewing and recruitment on retention