Professional Skills

Supervisory and Leadership Excellence

Put the 'SUPER' back in SUPERvisor
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Learning Outcomes

Apply the necessary skills to become a competent supervisor who understand and manage human and capital resources in a strategic rather than reactive fashion
Build more confident and self-motivated employees
Contribute to the organisation's overall mission of providing excellent instruction, modern research, and meaningful service
Sharpened verbal communication skills
Become a contributing leader/member of an organisations quality improvement team, by understanding and communicating the accepted concepts and techniques


This programme will assist learners and the company in achieving desired outcomes through focusing people on organisational visions and improving working relationships in order to boost productivity. NQF Level 4


Module 1: Defining and Developing your Role
Your Role as a Supervisor
Essential Supervisory Skills
Management Self-Evaluation
Ideal Management Profile
Case Study: How Walt Disney can Help you Succeed
Module 2: High-Impact Leadership
Leadership Self Evaluation
Leadership Characteristics and Behaviours
Leading others to Become Self-Directing
Leadership Attributes
Understand the Value of High Performance Teams
Understand why Teams Fail and Learn to Avoid these Mistakes
Creating an Atmosphere of Growth
Motivational Strategies to Empower Team Members
Module 3: Managing Workplace Diversity
Cultural and Diversity Awareness
Understanding Different Cultural Groups (African, Westerns and European, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Asian)
Gender Differences in the Workplace
Action Steps for Managing Diversity
Preventing Discrimination in the Workplace
Module 4: Effective Communication & Interpersonal Skills
Identifying and Using Different Interaction Styles
Understanding Multi-Generations
Understanding the Other Person’s Perspective
Taking Control through Positive Body Language
Learn to Communicate Assertively
Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback
Communicating Openly, Honestly and Fairly
Presenting your Views and Ideas Effectively in Meetings and to Top Management
Communicating with Confidence
Module 5: Performance Management
The Impact of Individual Performance Management on the Performance of the Organisation
Structuring Expectations
How to Develop KPA’s and KPI’s for Financial and Non-Financial Purposes
Recognising and Closing Performance Gaps
Module 6: Developing and Improving Key Skills
Concentrating, Thinking, Listening and Making Decisions Under Pressure
Integrating Ethical Guidelines in Decision-Making
Conflict Management Techniques
Stress Management; Managing your Work-Life Balance