Transferable Skills

Business Proposal Writing

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Learning Outcomes

Understand how proposal evaluators evaluate proposals and how to address their requirements and expectations effectively
Define the strategies, appropriate methodology and style for proposal development
Use a logical framework to structure a proposal
Know how to include a needs analysis and adequate solution within a proposal
Know how to incorporate a cost analysis properly and master the art of preparing accurate and realistic budgets
Improved writing skills and knowing how to proofread and edit effectively
Know how to assemble a proposal package for submission


There is an obvious self-interest in being able to persuade other people to act or believe as you wish them to. It is thus worthwhile to invest the time needed to learn the skills necessary to write a persuasive proposal. NQF Level 5


1. Proposals are not Reports
How are reports and proposals different?
2. Phase 1: Preparation
Overview: Seven key questions you must answer
Goal: What do you want?
Deliverables: What results will you deliver?
Solution: What will you do, how will this help and why this way?
Experience: Why should your readers believe that you can do this?
Costs: How can you justify the cost of these results?
Benefits: Why should your readers want these results?
Summary of the pre-writing process
3. Phase 2: Writing
Cover letter or email
Titles should be informative
Executive summary
Table of contents
Glossary of terms
Deliverables and your solution
Cost summary and Financial details
Weaknesses, risks and assumptions
KPI’s: How will you measure the success of the work?
4. Using Plain English
What is plain English?
Key 1: Impress them with simplicity
Key 2: Impress them with your style
5. The Politics of Persuasion: Six Tendencies that Lead to ‘Yes’