Transferable Skills

Personal Branding for Professionals

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Overview (PDF)


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Learning Outcomes

A steady stream of ideal clients
Rewarding partnerships
Leadership opportunities
Association with a market niche
Greater credibility, recognition and prestige
Higher perceived value


In today’s job market and entrepreneurial landscape, there is no room for being another face in the crowd. You have to separate yourself from the competition and be more appealing to your target audience by creating a recognisable Personal Brand. This programme will take your through all the steps you need to take to create a unique personal brand.


What is Branding?
Why should you Build your Personal Brand?
SECTION 1: How to Create your Personal Brand Vision
Steps to Create your Brand Vision
Where you Want to Be
Others Worth Emulating
Developing your Professional Image
SECTION 2: How to Define your Target Audience
Building Relationships: Give a Lot to Get a Lot
The Person that will Pay you
The Person that Influences the Person that Pays you
Your Supporters
Give Back to your Supporters by Asking Questions
SECTION 3: How to Build your Online and Offline Assets
Building Social Communities
Domain Buying Strategies
Building a Professional Website
Building a Blog
Business Cards and other Offline Assets
SECTION 4: How to Build your Brand through Outreach
How to Build Relationships that Lead to Opportunities
How to Get Exposure by Guest Blogging
How to Build your Brand using Linkedin
How to Promote your Personal Brand with Online Advertising
SECTION 5: How to Get Free Press Coverage
How to Increase your Profile
How to Become a True Media Super Star
SECTION 6: How to Connect with Mentors
Why Mentors are Needed for Professional Success
Finding a Mentor
How to Approach and Earn their Respect
SECTION 7: How to Monitor the Performance of your Brand
Why you Need Control Over your Name
How to Remove Less-Ideal Search Listings
Tools to Help Monitor your Brand
How to Deal with Negativity
SECTION 8: How to be Unique
Figuring out what Makes you Unique
How to Develop your Personal Story that Separates you from Others
How to Create a Personal Elevator Pitch that Wins Over People you Meet