Foundation Skills

Dealing with Organisational Change

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Overview (PDF)


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Learning Outcomes

Understand the basics of change management
Know how to proactively address change and cope with uncertainty
Learn how to stay calm despite uncertainty
Increase emotional intelligence
Maintain a healthy work-life balance


This programme teaches learners how to develop the skills to proactively address change and meet the challenges of transition in the workplace as well as to develop the ability to effectively handle organisational changes by examining the transition process and understanding their own, and others, needs and responses to each phase. NQF Level 3


1. Fundamentals of Change Management
Basics of Change Management
Importance of Change
The Four Stages of Change
2. Strategies to Effectively Cope and Deal with Change
The Psychology of Dealing with Change (how to become resilient)
Effectively Dealing with Change
Coping with Uncertainty
Coping with Big Changes
Handling Change in the Workplace
Facing Fear and the ‘New Normal’
3. Managing Stress and Achieving a Healthy Work-Life Balance
Symptoms of Stress
Reducing Workplace Stress by Increasing Emotional Intelligence
Strategies to Help Reduce Stress
Achieving a Healthy Work-Life Balance