Foundation Skills

Corporate Induction Boot Camp

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Learning Outcomes

The mission of education is to help prepare students for the future. An important element of that preparation involves the development of career skills and a basic level of competency in workplace skill areas not covered in current School and University curriculums.
The aim of this programme is to prepare workers to enter the workplace with a deeper understanding of workplace contexts and expectations of professionals across a range of industries.


With the world changing as fast as it is: industries rising, involving and crashing; more efficient, effective working environments; globalisation interconnecting us all, how do we best ensure new recruits are prepared for the world of work ?


1. Business Etiquette and Protocol
Appropriate Behaviour
Appropriate Office Dress and Dress Codes
Open-Plan Office Etiquette
Cell Phone Etiquette
Telephone Etiquette and Answering Techniques
Email Etiquette
Meetings: Do’s and Don’ts
How to Shake Hands
Personal Contact Etiquette
Social Gatherings and Office Parties
Basics of Business Ethics
Recognising and Ending Unethical Behaviour
Corporate Code of Conduct
2. Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills
Overcoming Barriers to Effective Communication
Identifying and Using Different Interaction Styles
Understanding the Other Person’s Perspective
Impression Management: Body Language and Voice Tone
Improving Listening Skills
Dealing with Criticism and Confrontation
Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback
Conflict Management Styles and De-Escalation Strategies
Saying “No” Constructively
Communicating with Clarity and Precision
Communicating with Confidence
3. Effective Planning, Organising and Time Management
Defining Planning and Organising
Identifying and Minimising Time Wasters
Establishing Clear and Attainable Goals and Objectives
Prioritising Workload for Effectiveness and Efficiency
Using Waiting Time Effectively
How to Stop Procrastinating
How to Manage your Work-Life Balance
4. Customer Service Excellence
The Importance of Good Customer Service
Defining Successful Service Outcomes
Service Excellence Principles
Preparing for Your Performance
Evaluating and Using Customer Service Feedback
Building Confidence to Serve (Purpose and Function)
How to Handle Difficult Situations and Deal Effectively with Complaints
Solving Customer Problems Successfully
Identifying Internal Customers and Measuring their Satisfaction
Using what you have Learned to Deliver WOW Service Experiences
5. Professional Business Writing Principles
Challenges of Good Writing
Determining Style
Paragraphs and Sentences
Using Appropriate Words
Verb Tenses
Using Pronouns, Bullet Points and Numbering Systems
Improving Clarity, Punctuation, Spelling and Grammar
Using Illustrations
Planning and Writing Business Emai
Different Types of Business Reports
Editing Written Material
6. Business Presentation Skills
Defining your Objective and Central Message
Researching your Audience
Researching your Topic
Structuring your Presentation
Editing and Finalising your Presentation Material
Visual Aids
Improving your Confidence as a Presenter
Technical Requirements
Dress for Success
Voice Projection, Body Language, Posture and Movement
Handling Difficult Situations and Answering Questions Successfully
Establishing Credibility with your Audience
7. Introduction to Project Management
What is a Project?
The Project Life-Cycle
Project Management Roles
Stakeholder Identification
Project Objectives
Project Deliverables
Risk Analysis
Creating a Risk Management Plan
Creating a Work Breakdown Structure ( WBS)
8. Leadership Skills
Understand the Differences between Worker and Management Roles
Leadership Characteristics and Behaviours
Understand the Value of High Performance Teams
Identify the best ways to earn trust, credibility, and respect
Integrating ethical guidelines in decision-making
Case Study: Lessons from Walt Disney