Foundation Skills

Business Etiquette

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Overview (PDF)


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Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate good etiquette and professionalism towards superiors, clients and guests
Influence the way others react
Gain the respect of superiors and colleagues
Increased self confidence
Communicate effectively and professionally
Become a good company representative


Business etiquette is a set of standards on how to conduct yourself around colleagues, potential business partners and clients.


Open-Plan Office Etiquette
Appropriate Behaviour
Corporate Code of Conduct
Appropriate Office Dress and Dress Code
Cell Phone Etiquette
Email Etiquette
Disability Etiquette
Communicating with Integrity
Guidelines for Ethical Decision Making
Customer Service Excellence
How to Shake Hands
Personal Contact Etiquette
Social Gatherings and Office Parties
Basic Table Manners, Napkin Use and Use of Silverware