Foundation Skills

Effectively Assertive

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Overview (PDF)

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Learning Outcomes

Increased self respect and self worth
Increased self-esteem and confidence
Demonstrate assertive behaviour through verbal, vocal and visual techniques
Address assertiveness issues in both personal and professional life
Send the right signals to get the right response
Command respect while being respectful
Reduce unnecessary conflict


Assertiveness training is essentially training in communication and social skills. It teaches a way of behaving that aims to achieve a win-win situation in interpersonal relationships. NQF Level 4


1. Introduction
What is Assertiveness?
Benefits of Being Assertive
2. Where am I (currently) on the Assertiveness Scale?
How Assertive am I?
The Monster Killed the Mouse (Passive vs Aggressive Behaviour)
Assertive Behaviour
3. Reprogramme your Mind for Success
Positive Self-Talk
Developing Positive Self-Esteem
Develop Awareness of your Soul
Boost your Emotional Intelligence
Value Yourself and your Rights
4. Strategies and Techniques to Become Assertive
Use Assertive Communication Techniques
Show Confidence with Body Language
Saying NO Assertively and Respectfully
Dealing with Criticism
Dealing with Conflict
Developing Empathy