Transferable Skills

Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making

Going Beyond Traditional Decision Making
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Learning Outcomes

Identify and analyse problems
Use sound reasoning to arrive at conclusions
Find alternative solutions to complex problems
Distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information to make logical judgments
Develop new insights into situations and apply innovative solutions to make organisational improvements
Design and implement new or cutting-edge programmes and processes
Exercise good judgment by making sound and well-informed decisions


The programme will guide learners through the process of identifying root causes of problems, generating solutions to problems, establishing decision-making criteria and using those criteria to select the best alternative solution. NQF Level 4


Defining Problem Solving and Decision Making
Step 1: Defining the Problem
Distinguishing between Symptoms and Causes of Problems
Using the 5 Why’s to find the Cause of a Problem
Factors to Consider for Problem Solving and Decision Making
Step 2: Create Alternative Solutions
Nominal Grouping
Step 3: Evaluate Alternatives and Select the Best Solution
Decision Criteria (Limitations and Desirables)
Comparing Alternatives
Making an Optimal Decision
Step 4: Implement the Solution and Follow-Up
Implementation Strategy
Job-Aid: Problem Solving